Friday, June 1, 2012

Aroldis Chapman Hotel Room Robbery Update: Chapman's "Girlfriend" is a Married Stripper

This is what a married Colombian stripper looks like. 
On Wednesday we wrote about a robbery involving Aroldis Chapman's "girlfriend" -- and keep in mind, we're using the term girlfriend as loosely as possible here, actually we're only using it because that's what Pittsburgh media called her in their initial reports. The truth is, depending on you believe, she may be an escort, a stripper or both.

Anyway, according to police reports, Chapman's "girlfriend," Claudia Manrique, was tied up and robbed in a Pittsburgh area hotel Tuesday night. That's the only known fact so far, everything after that is kind of dicey.

Following the robbery, Manrique was interviewed for over 10 hours by Pittsburgh area police. Generally, authorities don't talk to people for over 10 hours unless they think there's something fishy going on. And as you're about to see, this thing is fishier than the plot of Free Willy 3.

After interviewing Manrique, the PPD came to the conclusion that Chapman probably wasn't the target in the robbery and that the target was in fact, Manrique.

During her 10-hour interview, Manrique, who works as a stripper in Baltimore, told authorities that someone posing as a hotel maintenance worker came into her room and then tied her up and robbed her. Well, police aren't exactly buying that according to KDKA in Pittsburgh.

Chapman had a rough month of May, he was
arrested in Ohio two weeks ago. 
Authorities now believe that Manrique knew the suspect and that the suspect was there to collect a debt from Manrique. Which would explain why the suspect only took $5,000 in valuables and didn't take the $200,000 in jewelry that was in Chapman's hotel room.

The suspect is believed to be associated with drug dealers in Baltimore. And of course, as everyone knows, Baltimore is known for three things: crabcakes, football and drug dealers.

Besides the fact that Manrique may have known the suspect, there's also this: Manrique was accused of stealing money from a man in December. Manrique allegedly stole $2,000 from Shahryar Kamouei during a December trip to Las Vegas. Kamouei pressed charges and that case is now pending in Maryland state court.

Wait, that's not all.

When Manrique was released after police questioning Wednesday, she was picked up at the Zone 2 Precinct by her husband, who she may or may not be separated from.

But don't worry, there's an explanation for her having a husband. Manrique, who's originally from Colombia, allegedly told Kamouei that she only got married to get a green card. And let's be honest here: who hasn't done that?

Oh and if you're wondering how Chapman and Manrique met, Chapman says the pair met two months ago in Washington D.C.

OK, that's enough for now, we don't want to overwhelm you on a Friday.

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