Sunday, June 3, 2012

RIP Dallas Latos' Twitter Page

Dallas Latos quit Twitter Saturday, but she left us these pictures.
Four days ago, Dallas Latos was inventing Reds drinking games with her Twitter followers, but it looks like she won't be doing that anymore because Dallas doesn't have any Twitter followers: she closed her account.

Latos closed her Twitter account Saturday, presumably sometime around the third inning of the Reds road game against the Astros. That's when Dallas' husband Mat was on the Rodney King end of a 7-run Astros beating. The male Latos was pulled from his start against Houston after only 3.1 innings, he surrendered seven hits and seven runs (four earned) in a game the Reds won 12-9.

Josh Campbell is not a big Dallas Latos fan. If you're not a
fan of Josh Campbell, you can let him know on Twitter.

The problem for Dallas this season has been that when Mat sucks on the mound, Reds fans usually head to Twitter and take it out on her. And then instead of ignoring stuff, Dallas gets defensive.

For example, back on April 18, Mat started against the Cardinals and things didn't go to well. Latos gave up eight earned runs in 5.2 innings of work and the Reds lost 11-1. The division favorite Reds dropped to 4-8 on the season and Mat Latos instantly became the least popular person in Cincinnati.

This guy decided to give Dallas Latos sex advice.

Fans took to Twitter that night and it wasn't pretty. One fan called Mat Latos a bum, another fan told Dallas to not give Mat a blow job that night. Things got so bad, Dallas threatened to close her Twitter account, although she didn't.

Dallas threatened to quit Twitter on April 18.

So it appears that instead of dealing with another round of Mat-bashing Saturday, Dallas decided it would probably just be easier to close up shop.

Dallas doesn't exactly shy away from
Now Dallas does look like the innocent victim here, but that's not completely the case. She seems to enjoy the attention, because if she didn't, why else would she start her own blog on and do national interviews with outlets like CBS Sports.

Dallas is naive if she thought she could get on a public forum like Twitter and assume that everyone was going to be nice to her. Before closing her account Saturday, Latos had several thousand followers on Twitter and had branded herself as a smart, funny follow. In the baseball world, she was known as Mat Latos' wife, but on Twitter, Mat was Dallas Latos' husband.

If Dallas gets back on Twitter, she'll need to do a better job of ignoring Mat's critics. Once the anti-Mat fans realized how thin-skinned Dallas was, they went after her and they went after her hard. And then they sat back and enjoyed her going on the defensive.

Our advice: come back to Twitter Dallas. We actually liked you. Stop Google/Twitter searching your and Mat's names every 30 seconds because when you do that, you're not going to like what you see and you're going to get mad. Instead, keep being funny. Keep tweeting about how the TSA stole your underwear. Keep making up Reds drinking games. Block people if you don't like them. And please keep in mind that five or six times a year, Mat is going to suck on the mound and when he does, people are going to say crappy things. And when they do, you don't have to defend him, you can simply log off Twitter and come read our blog because that's what people do when they're really bored.

Dallas needs to stay relevant so we can
keep posting pictures of her. 

***6/6/12 Update: After scaring us into believing that she would never be on Twitter again, Dallas Latos has returned, exactly 83 hours and 59 minutes after she left. Here's a link to her Twitter account, here's her explanation for leaving***


  1. classless article patrick joseph houston, texas

  2. Whatever gave you the impression that Dallas was an attentionwhore? The skanktats or the rock hard titties? LOL!

    She is certainly a glutton for punishment! by all means, please cry about being mistreated and give a public forum for everyone to commence bashing you and your husband! Might as well write your phone # on the bathroom stalls @ GABP....

    Let's all join hands and sing Kumbayah and say NO! to bullies!


  3. Wow, what a dumb bitch. Read the 'reason for leaving' twitter. Total bullshit.

  4. Listen to what you goofy fuckers are saying. You are bashing and talking shit about someone you dont even know. Why cant you just be happy she has taken the time to allow us into a life that we can only dream about. Attention whore, skanktats, who gives a shit! I'm sure you guys are so perfectly content in your life that eveyday is a happy day...(then why are you here)???? I enjoy reading Dallas Lato's tweets. Her and her husband are kids, lighten the fuck up. I have talked to her at the ballpark and she is less than nice but who cares, when will we ever have the opportunity to speak directly to celebrities such as Mr. and Mrs. Lato's (FYI - she will always be the wife, lets not be so quick to give up our man card and say that Matt is her husband). Bottom line is, be respectful, joke around, and try to find some happiness that you get to be part of a celebrities life. Now get out there and enjoy some B-Ball!!!!!

    1. You really consider them celebrities? He's a mediocre pitcher and she's a gold-digging attention whore. I am content in my life and could give 2 rats' asses about what is going on in her self-delusional universe. Luckily, Darwinism will take care of her one day (hopefully soon!).

    2. Mediocre pitcher...ha. Care to elaborate with some stats to back that up?