Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pac Man and the Punter: Bengals Bring in Two More Players (New Punter, Not Pac Man is Pictured Below)

With former Carolina Panthers DB Rae Carruth unavailable (thanks to a 24 year jail sentence he was given for conspiring to murder his girlfriend), the Bengals went a less criminal route today. They've decided to sign Adam "Pac-man" Jones, this according to Pro Football Talk.

For those of you who have lost track of Jones -- and if you have, don't feel stupid, the man hasn't played in an NFL game since December 2008-- he was arrested seven times in a 3-year period from 2005-2008. Which as most people know is dangerously close to Charlie Sheen's celebrity arrest record of 176.

Pac-Man was signed to play in the Canadian Football League last fall, however, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers gave him the boot when he got the Canadian League mixed up with the upstart United Football League (UFL) during a radio interview.

And in case you're wondering, it is borderline impossible to get kicked off of a Canadian Football team. They have weird rules, the whole country is lawless and every Friday, the citizens of Canada kill polar bear cubs and eat them. They are sick people. Pac Man should have fit right in.

In other news, the Bengals also signed former Miami (Ohio) punter Jake Richardson. Richardson spent last May in rookie camp with the Chicago Bears. Now you're probably thinking, "Wasn't Kevin Huber good last year, why in the name of Lee Johnson did we sign a punter."

Our guess is that the Bengals signed Richardson for one reason: so that we here at INSIC could run the photo at the top of the page. Yes, that's the Bengals new punter in what we hope is a halloween costume. By the way, the girl in the picture with Richardson is his wife... your move Huber.

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