Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bengals Cheerleader Who Doesn't Have STD's Arrested for (Allegedly) Having Sex with Student

Sarah Jones' mugshot isn't the most attractive picture she's ever taken.
Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones apparently loves two things: 1. the spotlight and 2. (allegedly) having sex with her students.

First, for those of you that don't recognize her name, Jones was in the news back in August 2010 when she (kind of) successfully sued

Jones before she started sleeping
with students. alleged that Jones was a walking STD and that she was having sex with several Bengals players. Jones denied it, filed a lawsuit and won. The only problem is that Jones sued Dirty World Entertainment Recordings, which owns and not Dirty World LLC, which owns

Jones was awarded $11 million in that case, but still hasn't collected due to the mixup. A judge will rehear that case beginning in June. You can catch up on that case here.

Anyway, Jones is in the news again today because she has been arrested for (allegedly) having sex with one of her students. According to Fox 19, Jones resigned from her teaching post last November for "personal reasons." AKA she was (allegedly) sleeping with a student, but she wasn't giving the student any STD's because she doesn't have any, as we learned from the August 2010 case.

Jones (allegedly) slept with the student from October until December of last year.

Jones lawyer, who 19 months ago we called the worst lawyer ever, can't really defend her right now because he's suspended by the Kentucy Bar Association.

The best part about this: Jones appeared on the Anderson Cooper show back in November to talk about how's STD allegations had ruined her life. What she forgot to tell Anderson Cooper on the show is that she was a month into a sexual escapade with a high school kid.

Sarah Jones probably didn't tell Anderson Cooper she
was (allegedly) boning a high school kid when she went
on his show in November.

Jones' mother Cheryl Jones, an elementary school principal, was also arrested.

Both ladies are due in court on April 2.

Sarah Jones has been charged with first-degree sexual abuse and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited acts. In terms that Jose Canseco can understand, she used her cell phone to send text messages to a minor to setup sexual escapades.

Cheryl Jones was indicted on one charge of tampering with physical evidence.

The Jones' lawyer, Charles Lester Jr., has said that both women will plead not guilty.

The Bengals, who are always on top of everything (and still employ Jones as a Ben-Gal) have already released a statement, "The Club is aware of the situation and it's an ongoing process to collect the information that can guide the appropriate actions as warranted."


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