Monday, November 9, 2009

Bengals-Ravens: Win Over Baltimore Costs Cincinnati More Than One Dollar

If you're a Bengals fan, you have absolutely nothing to complain about after yesterday's undressing of the Ravens.

Actually undressing might be a compliment. Stripped naked and beaten with a hacksaw is probably more accurate.

The only negative thing to come out of yesterday's game: the injury to Chris Henry. In case you were one of the 60,000 fans at the game, you probably didn't notice that Henry's arm more or less broke in half (it's officially a forearm injury). The Bengals haven't announced it yet, but INSIC would bet our first born baby's first born baby that Henry is out for the season.

We're going to make a positive out of negative here though: with the emergence of Andre Caldwell, Henry has almost been a non-factor this year. Basically, this is like your ex-girlfriend getting hit by a car, you'll be sad for a second, but then you'll look at your hot new girlfriend and get over it. Get well soon Chris.

Oh and one more thing, in case you were at Sunday's game, or maybe you missed the CBS telecast, the top picture is of Ochocinco trying to buy off the ref. An Ocho third-down catch in the second half was challenged by Baltimore. Chad thought that if he slipped the ref a dollar, the ref might make the call in his favor. Nope. Ocho's toe was out-of-bounds on the play and the call was reversed to incomplete pass.

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