Saturday, November 28, 2009

UFL Championship: Does DeDe Dorsey's MVP Award Mean Ced Benson is Winning Super Bowl MVP? That's Our Theory

While you were eating Thanksgiving leftovers and heading out to packed malls to 'accidentally' touch women's butts yesterday, guess what former Bengal DeDe Dorsey was doing? If you guessed 'eating turkey at a homeless shelter because he lost everything after the Bengals cut him,' you're wrong.

Mr. Dorsey was in Las Vegas winning the inaugural UFL Championship. Oh and not only did his team win, but Dorsey was named game MVP. Dorsey has now won more professional football championships than the Bengals franchise.

In case you missed the game (and we're assuming you did because only 14,000 people were there and nobody gets Versus), Dorsey rushed for 66 yards on 11 carries, caught four passes for 32 yards and scored two touchdowns as his Las Vegas Locomotives beat the Orlando Tuskers 20-17 in overtime.

The way we see it, why would the Bengals cut a future UFL Championship game MVP unless they have a Super Bowl MVP to replace him. Cedric, the pressure is on.

One last thing, we've never read the UFL rulebook (actually, we've even debated whether or not the UFL even has a rulebook), so we're not sure if they play two-hand touch or tackle in the United Football League. Either way, could someone please explain to us why the Orlando Tuskers (in blue) are lifting Dorsey off the ground. Apparently the UFL got it backwards. Usually when you carry someone off the field, it's someone from your own team (See Ruettiger, Rudy) and you only do it after a win.

By the way, if you looked at the blue Tuskers jerseys below and your first thought was "Jesus, who designed those? Tim Gunn, a Care Bear and Lloyd from Entourage?" We thought that too.

For real though, congrats to DeDe, who was one of the three reasons we watched Hard Knocks.

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  1. Breech Versus HD is here in Cincinnati but still don't watch it. You can file this blog post in the "Who Cares" category.