Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who Dey or Who Dat: Bengals and Saints Fans Want to Know Why Stuart Scott Still Has a Job

In case you've never applied for a job at the Worldwide Leader (or ESPN if you will), here's how it works: you send in a resume and if they like you, they have you come in and take a sports quiz that you couldn't pass if you had google, a sports encyclopedia and Howie Schwab at your disposal.

The first question on the quiz is usually something like, 'name the last 10 Heisman trophy winners?' That's one question, not ten questions rolled into one.

After that, the test only gets harder.

What's the point here?

Stuart Scott, the guy ESPN loves to shove down your throat, has the sports knowledge of a Central American orphan. For example, last night after the Saints knocked off the Falcons, Scott made a big boo-boo: he mixed up who-dey with who-dat. There is a reason Central American orphans are not employed by the sports media.

For those of you Bengals fans who wouldn't know Drew Brees from Drew Barrymore, the Saints chant is similar to the Bengals, it goes: Who-dat, Who-dat, Who-dat say day gonna beat dem Saints.

Of course, the Bengals much cooler version goes: Who-dey, Who-dey, Who-dey think gonna beat them Bengals...

Now it's OK if the average fan gets this wrong, but it's not OK for Stuart 'My Lazy eye should have relegated me to radio four years ago' Scott. If your the on-site host for Monday Night Football, you should be pretty familiar with the home team's cheer. Of course, this post would be useless without the video, so here it is.

Scott opens the video with his worthless babble, then it happens again at the 23 second mark.


  1. ESPN has taken it upon themselves to censor the video. You know who else censored things? The nazi's. That's right ESPN, I am comparing you to NAZI's.

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