Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bengals Owner Mike Brown Not too Popular With Other NFL Owners

Yesterday, Yahoo! sport's Michael Silver wrote a piece ranking NFL Owners.

Now Silver was probably drunk when he did it because he ranked Mike Brown a little high at 31 (We all know he should be 32), but the most telling part of the article is this quote Silver extracted from an anonymous NFL Owner,

"Anything that's going to force him to do any extra work, he speaks out against it," the anonymous owner says about his Bengals counterpart.

According to the article, Brown also hates the people of New Orleans. Saints Owner Tom Benson was trying to do something or other to help the city and Mike Brown was against it, "It's a great American story, Tom Benson defying the skeptics and keeping the Saints in New Orleans and [expletive] Mike Brown speaks out against it."

If I just read this correctly and I like to think that I did, an NFL owner just got so pissed thinking about Mike Brown that he cussed. Wow. Raise your hand if you've ever done that.

Finally, Mr. Anonymous Owner ends with this, "Meanwhile, the guy has the best stadium deal ever. It was completely built for him and he has no operating expenses. He probably makes more money than any of us." I can feel the hatred.

So there you have it Bengals fans, the list of people who think Mike Brown is more useless than a used roll of toilet paper is longer than you think.

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