Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bengals-Broncos on Verge of Not Selling Out, Crazy Tailgate Contraptions May Not be Used

As the clock ticks toward 1 p.m. Friday, it's looking more and more like the Bengals will not sell out Sunday's home opener (there are over 4,000 tickets left. Usually a team must sell out by 1 p.m. Thursday, but the Bengals were granted a 24 hour extension).

What does this mean for you, the loyal Bengals fan. This means that if you live within 75 miles of Cincinnati, the game will not be on in your market.

And yes, this includes you, you sneaky Lexingtonians (KY) who thought you might get the game. You're considered a Bengals market which means one thing (cue the soup nazi), no Bengals game for you.

What it comes down to is this, the only way you're going to be able to watch the game is if I set up a slingbox at my house in Atlanta (If you're like 97 percent of the country and don't know what a slingbox is, click here, basically, I can send my Directv feed to your computer.)

Although I should note that the NFL this morning partially waived the black out rule. To most Bengals fans, this news is on par with hearing that Andre Smith only partially ate a fried twinkie dinner last night (The good news: Andre didn't eat the whole meal. Bad news: Smith is still eating fried twinkie dinners. Good news: NFL partially waives blackout rule. Bad News: You still can't watch the game live.)

The NFL will now rebroadcast each game on for free, beginning at 12:01 am Monday (Sunday night if you will). So if you're one of those people that has no TV, no computer, no cell phone, no pager and no friends that will spoil the outcome of the game, then this is perfect for you.

Oh there is one more thing, Bengals owner Mike Brown could do what Falcons owner Artur Blank did last season: drop ticket prices $10 for the game, have sponsors buy 1,500 and sell any remaining season tickets in the top deck for $300. But that would make too much sense.

By the way, since my NFL picks won't be up until Saturday, my prediction for tonight: the team I hate more than Hitler 20, Titans 13.

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