Monday, September 28, 2009

How Awesome Are These Bengals? Andre Caldwell Threw $1,000 Into Stands After Huge Win Over Steelers

(AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)

by john breech / staff

If you're one of those cool people with a Twitter account and you're a Bengals fan, then you probably follow Mr. Ochocinco.

Leading up to Sunday's game with the Steelers, Chad tweeted to anyone that would listen that he had a huge Spanish themed touchdown celebration planned. The only bad thing about yesterday's game, Chad didn't make it into the end zone, so no one got to see his new celebration... Or so we thought.

It looks like Chad gave Andre Caldwell permission to steal his touchdown celebration after yesterday's game-winning score.

On a completely unrelated note, sales of of shots of tequila went up ten fold in bars across Cincinnati after Caldwell's touchdown.

Anyway, back to the celebration. Caldwell said on his twitter page today that he threw a Pinata into the crowd after the game. What was in the Pinata? Lets just say it wasn't candy (Unless of course you eat money pretending its candy, which wouldn't be normal). Ochocinco filled a pinata with $1,000 in cold hard cash (all one dollar bills) and Caldwell threw it into the stands.

Here's Caldwell on Twitter: Do anybody know what was in the piñata that I threw in the stands after the game yesterday?

it was part of Ocho's celebration it's was a piñata with a 1,000 dollars in one dollar bills.

If anyone has any pictures of this or would like to share any money with INSIC, please let me know.

On a semi-related note, Andre Caldwell is my new God, I will be praying to him at church this Sunday. Sorry old God.

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