Thursday, October 1, 2009

Boomer Esiason Spotted In Atlanta After Bengals Big Win Over Pittsburgh Steelers

Two days after the Bengals sucker punched the Steelers in a win that had all of Cincinnati on a high that only a coke addict could understand, Boomer Esiason was spotted in Atlanta.

An intrepid INSIC reporter took this photo of Boomer walking down the street of a suburb in Atlanta. The former Bengals quarterback appears to be carrying a Mattress Firm newspaper insert and sporting jeans that are seven sizes to big.

*UPDATE* Many people have written in telling us that Boomer Esiason is white, so they don't believe it's him. We can explain that away in four words, 'reverse Michael Jackson disease.'

Another astute reader made this point, "Even if the guy in the picture was white, why would Boomer wear his jersey around the city, that's just stupid, like this website."

We wrote back, "This web site may be stupid, but we're not the ones responding to Boomer Esiason sightings made by random blogs."

INSIC'S Thoughts on the Pic: When Atlanta residents are wearing Boomer Esiason throwback jerseys, you know the country is catching Bengal fever. That or this guy got the jersey free from Goodwill in December of last year when we were sitting at 1-11-1.

Who cares why he's wearing it, Bengals 31-10 over the Brownies.

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