Thursday, October 8, 2009

United & Delta Airlines to Bengals Fans: Get Your Asses to Baltimore

Just as a drug addict spends their week looking for cheap meth. Bengals fans should be spending their week looking for cheap flights to Baltimore.

Well, you can stop looking for cheap flights now because INSIC has done the dirty work for you.

If you're a rich, die-hard Bengals fan (and by rich, we mean if you have $300 in disposable income) YOU can afford to go the first Bengals game in four years that involves a battle for FIRST PLACE in the division.

United Airlines, you know, the airline that everyone has heard of but no one has actually flown on, has a sweet deal for Bengals fans in Cincinnati. You can fly from Cincy (CVG) to Wash D.C. (DCA, 40 minutes from Baltimore) for a mere $113 round trip. (By the way, we should mention that since Delta has a monopoly at CVG, they went ahead and undercut United's price. Delta is offering a flight for $105 that leaves Saturday and returns Monday, check expedia)

Buy a $100 ticket to the game on Craigslist and bam, you have $87 left to spend on cheap vodka or a hotel. Actually, Baltimore is such a trashy city that you might be able to stretch that $87 to pay for cheap vodka AND a hotel.

As Boomer Esiason always says, 'the more Bengals fans in Baltimore, the better.'

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