Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ochocinco Visits ESPN To Talk Bengals Football: Skip Bayless' Voice Will Hurt Your Ears

Six hours ago, Its Never Sunny In Cincinnati was the most technologically inept web site in existence. The 'Amish against the internet' blog had more technological foresight than we did.

Not any more though. After a quick and easy tutorial on how to embed videos, we're embedding anything and everything (As opposed to bedding anything and everything, which most of you will be trying to do Halloween night).

First up, we gave you the 24 season 8 preview. Now, we're giving you Ochocinco, who appeared on ESPN's 'First Take' this morning. Oh and in case you're wondering, Skip Bayless, the guy Ocho is arguing with, gets paid actual money to spew his worthless nonsense.

The female in the background, that's 'First Take' host Dana Jacobsen. She once got kicked out of a 'roast' for being too drunk. Read that again. Unless you're showing your breasts to small children, there is no reason to ever be kicked out of a roast.


  1. "Bernard Scott is irrelevant."

    I want to kick that dude in the teeth.

  2. We should kick him in the teeth; give his knocked out teeth to an old man to wear as dentures, then kick the old man in the teeth. I have to think we would both feel better then.