Monday, January 11, 2010

Packers-Cardinals Officials Are Almost More Pathetic Than Shayne Graham

Hi, my name is Aaron Rodgers (or as most of you might know me as, the guy who told Favre to get the F#ck out of Green Bay).

I was the victim of an egregious face mask on the final play of yesterday's game. Somehow, all seven officials on the field managed to miss this. Arizona then took the ball from me and scored the winning touchdown in overtime. The first question is: why do I always look like I'm drunk? The second question: which official should I kill first?

INSIC SAYS: We picked the Packers to win by six. If the refs call the face mask above, the Packers win and we look like geniuses. We vow to help Aaron hunt down every official from the game (Although he'll have to pull the trigger because here at INSIC, we are anti-murder).

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