Sunday, February 7, 2010

INSIC's Super Bowl Pick (Plus a Bonus Pick From the Cincinnati Bengals All-time Leading Scorer)

In the past month, we here at INSIC have learned three things:

1. Don't get into a Pontiac Sunfire with Rey Maualuga.

2. Don't call Heidi Montag's doctor for plastic surgery.

3. Don't bet American money on John Breech's playoff picks.

Since Breech picks winners about as well as Maualuga picks designated drivers, we've decided to enlist some help for making the pick in the big game.

We waited until the last possible minute (this post was published 90 minutes before the game), we watched more film than Peyton Manning and now, we're ready to make pick a Super Bowl winner.

Also providing a Super Bowl pick today: Bengals all-time leading scorer Jim Breech and Houston Texans safety John Busing.

Ass Alert: The following sentence is a joke that is in very poor taste, read at your own risk:

We here at the blog think that Peyton Manning will roll through New Orleans like Hurricane Katrina did. He put up 30 points on the number one defense in the NFL (Jets). This makes us think he'll put up at least 50 on the Saints.

INSIC Pick: Colts 43, Saints 35 (We decided the Colts will not score 50).

Now, its time to let our celebrity panel make their picks.

First up Jim Breech.

Jim Breech is the Bengals all-time leading scorer. If Joe Montanta had been born homeless or as a woman, Breech would have won the MVP in Super Bowl XXIII when he hit three field goals in the Bengals 20-16 loss. Breech's 40-yarder with 3:20 left in the game put the Bengals up 16-13. Then, Montana did what Montana does: rip out hearts. The 49er quarterback led his team on a 92-yard drive in the game's final three minutes. The drive culiminated with 34 seconds left when Montana hit John Taylor with a 10-yard touchdown pass.

Breech thinks that come 10:30 p.m. tonight, Manning will be getting sized for Super Bowl ring number two.

Jim Breech pick: Colts 34, Saints 27

Next up, John Busing.

Busing used to play for the Cincinnati Bengals, now he's spending his free time at Reliant Stadium as a member of the Houston Texans.

The coolest thing Busing has ever done?

He was the first person ever to intercept the human taco. No, that is not a lame Taco Bell joke. Busing was the first player in the NFL to pick off Mark Sanchez.

We here at the blog nicknamed Sanchez the Human Taco, we think this ranks up there with 'The Situation' as coolest nickname ever. Please call Sanchez the Human Taco. Busing, for his awesome interception, has won free tacos for life from this blog.

John Busing pick: Colts 28, Saints 24

This update was posted live from Charlotte at a Super Bowl party. The person hosting the party has demanded that his Super Bowl pick be made public:

Brad Parsanko pick: Colts 38, Saints 31

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