Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thanks to Ochocinco, Bengals Offseason Goes From Bad to Worse

Remember the year 2006 when 27 Bengals got arrested, well, it only took Ochocinco one snap of the camera to one up the stupidity of that entire off season.

The way we see it is if Rey Maualuga wants to drive a Pontiac Sunfire drunk (2010), that's fine. If Jonathan Joseph wants to possess marijuana (2007), go for it. If Frostee Rucker feels the need to commit spousal battery (2006), great.

But there is absolute no excuse for any self respecting man to be pictured with 'The Situation' or any other cast member from Jersey Shore. Chad's man card, self-respect and credibility have all been destroyed by one flash of the camera.

We here at INSIC will be burning our 85 jerseys tonight in a fire we will ignite with three matches and a bottle of Pauly D's hair gel.

If NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has a soul, he will suspend Chad at least two games for 'conduct detrimental to the league.'

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