Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Former Bengal Corey Dillon Busted For DUI

In news that is less surprising than a Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault allegation, former Cincinnati Bengal Corey Dillon was arrested for DUI this morning in California.

If you lost track of Mr. "I'd rather flip burgers than play for the Bengals' in 2003 when he left Cincinnati, let us remind you that this is a guy that has more arrests than Meryl Streep has Oscar Nominations.

In March 1998, he was arrested in Seattle for DUI (He went to the University of Washington). He eventually pled guilty to negligent driving and driving with a suspended license.

In August of 2000, Dillon was arrested for assaulting his then brand new wife.

Ironically, that same wife filed for divorce from him last month. Maybe its because he punched her in the mouth 10 years earlier, maybe its because Dillon is an ass, who knows why she filed, but we do know this ladies: Dillon is going to be on the 'Free Agent' Singles Market soon, so get in line.

If you're one of those people that believes in karma and thinks that Dillon had all of this coming, then you'll love this story about a fake ferrari repair shop taking Dillon to the cleaners for almost $500,000.

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