Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cleveland Browns Shaun Rogers (The Guy that was Almost a Bengal) Brings LOADED GUN into Airport

Bengals fans, you might remember Shaun Rogers. He was the guy that horse collared Carson Palmer (pictured above) right before halftime of the Browns-Bengals game last November. Roger's stupidity set up a 53-yard Shayne Graham field goal, the Bengals would only beat the Browns by nine points.

On Thursday, Rogers one upped himself in the stupidity department by bringing a LOADED GUN into Cleveland's Hopkins International airport. Homeland security wasn't exactly thrilled and Rogers was arrested.

Now for those of you that have never flown before, there are generally three things you do not want to bring to an airport:

1. Nine pound crack rocks
2. Dead infants
3. Loaded guns

All three of these things will usually get you arrested if airport security finds them.

For his part, Rogers says he didn't "knowingly take a firearm into the airport."

Even scarier, this guy could have been a Bengal. Back in 2008, the Lions and Bengals had a deal in place that would have sent Rogers to Cincinnati for third and fifth round picks. The league said "no can do" because of some iffy language in the trade agreement. (Although the Bengals should have said "no can do." If the Lions are trying to unload a player on you, that should raise at least nine red flags) Instead, Rogers went to the Browns where he has toiled away for the last two seasons.

Oh and one more note, even though airport security found Rogers' loaded gun in his hand bag, he is pleading not guilty to his carrying a concealed weapon charge.

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