Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bengals Lose to Bucs on Blown Call (And Somewhat Crappy Play)

People on TV have claimed for decades that the camera adds 10 pounds.

But we've never heard that it adds three inches to the size of your right foot.

Well, the refs saw the same image above in the booth, but they still somehow managed to conclude that Michael Spulock's right foot landed in bounds. It never did. His foot didn't drag after the picture above was taken, he was knocked on his left side and his right foot never landed in bounds.

Should the refs die? Probably.

Should Carson have thrown three interceptions? No, but two of them weren't his fault.

Does the blown call matter? Kind of. Kickers hit 31-yard game winning field goals a lot more often than they hit 51-yarders.

Between the no-hitter on Wednesday, the 17 errors on Friday and the impossible loss by the Bengals today, the week from hell only continues for Cincinnati.

To the Refs of today's Bengals game, it's your fault that Its Never Sunny in Cincinnati.

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