Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ochocinco and T.O. Set to Visit the Tonight Show on October 11; T.Ocho Show Premieres October 12

No one here at INSIC has watched the Tonight Show since Jay Leno mop-stick raped Conan O'Brien to get his job back last year (In the picture below, Conan is describing how long the mop stick was). But next Monday, we might actually have to watch.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, on October 11, Ochocinco and Terrell Owens will be guests on NBC's staple late night show.

But don't think that will be the only time you see Ocho and T.O. on TV during next week's bye week.

One day later, the dynamic duo will be on a much more obscure network when "The T.Ocho Show" premieres on Versus.

Now if you haven't watched Versus in awhile, there's a reason for that. They show bull riding, bass fishing, UFL games, Mixed Martial Arts, racing, hunting and hockey. Basically any sport that sells their television rights fees for under six hundred dollars, Versus will air. And yes, we do think an argument could be made that the Hallmark Channel has almost as appealing programming as Versus.

The Hallmark Channel is awesome, if you haven't seen Daniel's Daughter, then you need to blow up your TV. Just look at the poster below, if a red head, a bike and a dog can't get you to see a movie, nothing will.

On the other hand, Versus did send us a 30 second promo for The T.Ocho show. The Hallmark Channel definitely didn't send us a promo for Daniel's Daughter, so they can go to hell. Anyway, you can see the promo below (And of course, as with all Youtube clips that we don't know how to embed, you can see the small stupid version below or you can click here to see the giant, fun, full version).

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