Monday, July 12, 2010

Cincinnati Bengals Get Shout Out on Entourage

97.3 percent of the time, the Bengals get no respect. Sunday night on HBO, their 2.7 percent of national respect finally came, thanks to Dallas owner Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys owner guest starred on the July 11 episode of Entourage and instead of making fun of his NFC East opponents, he sat back and watched as Ari Gold's assistant Lizzy made fun of the NFL's most pathetic franchise, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If you don't waste your money on HBO (no one smart does), then you might be saying: INSIC, please set up the episode for us.

Well, all right, here we go.

In the Vincent Chase world of Entourage, Ari is trying to earn the TV rights for the NFL. He has to convince a few important owners (like Jones) before he can make this happen.

Anyway, let's stop prefacing, just watch this video: Jones smiles as Ari Gold's assistant makes fun of fictional Steelers employee Lee Gordon -- the Ben Roethlisberger loving, sexual assaualt approving, Pittsburgh executive in the room -- it was a sight to behold.

Entourage is our new favorite show.


  1. Ha ha...when's the last time the Bengals actually won a playoff game? You'd better learn to like losing more than you like winning because you're in for a lot of it just as you'll always be for as long as you follow the Bengals. Hey, at least you're not a Browns fan.

  2. haha, i watched this last night and thought of you. also, i'm still doing the guest post thing. please be on the lookout.

  3. Please explain how the Steeler's are the NFL's most pathetic franchise. Especially when compared with Cincinnati. If it is on arrests, then it is no contest, Cincy has that title. On the field performance is no contest, Pittsburgh has done more in the past five years than Cincinnati has done in 40 years.

  4. Actually, the pathetic Steelers are leading in arrests over the last 5 years. Check out this post from pro football talk.
    And also, QB steelers is an embarassment to that franchise (though he hasn't been arrested.

  5. The "shout-out" sounds like its more for Pittsburgh than Cincinnati.

    I don't know how Lizzy is making fun of the Steelers. That is what any fan of one team would say about their rivals, and an attempt to be charming in a business meeting. Then, Lee Gordon makes a self-deprecating joke.

    The funny part is that you cut off the next line when Lizzy says, "You won two Championships in the last five years" and calls herself a "long-suffering fan". Sorry Bungals fans, but I would definitely rather be a Steelers fan watching this scene, and in life.