Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Happens to Ochocinco in Vegas Apparently Doesn't Stay in Vegas

The last time someone from INSIC showed up at a casino in their underwear, three cops were called, four people spent the night in jail and a cat somehow ended up inside of a half empty bottle of tequila.

Of course, if you're The Ocho, you can do whatever you want in your underwear and not worry about consequences.

Chad was up early gambling this morning. He tweeted this photo to America around 9 a.m. Las Vegas time.

For our five Mexican readers out there, we had this next photo saved in case Mexico won the World Cup, but since they didn't, we might as well run it now.

Steelers fans are probably asking themselves: What's more annoying, Ochocinco or a vuvuzela?

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