Monday, July 19, 2010

Did the Super Bowl XLIV Game Program Make a Big Mistake or is the Saints Roman Harper a Master of Disguise: You Decide

We don't know who picks out the player photos for the NFL's Super Bowl program, but chances are that person was fired on February 8.

Earlier today, an astute reader sent us New Orleans safety Roman Harper's Super Bowl program picture (Top of page). The only problem, that's not Roman Harper in the picture. It's actually New Orleans second-year wide receiver Rod Harper. (The real Roman Harper is pictured at right, click on Rod Harper's name to see his picture).

Because of this egregious error, INSIC went ahead and put together of a list of mistakes that are OK to make and mistakes that are not OK to make.

Mistakes that are not OK:

1. Getting a stripper pregnant at your bachelor party.
2. Selling low grade cocaine to an undercover cop... at church
3. Putting the wrong picture of Roman Harper in a Super Bowl program.

Mistakes that are OK:

1. Accidentally getting a stripper pregnant during a threesome that consists of you, the stripper and a girl that looks like Megan Fox and might actually be Megan Fox but you can't tell because you are to drunk.

2. Sleeping in a maple syrup filled bath tub after a night of heavy drinking. And then waking up in the morning and beating the shit out of all your friends because they filled a bath tub with maple syrup.

3. Running over your girlfriends cat.

By the way, we don't think anyone ever told Roman about the mistake because he didn't tweet about it back in February.

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