Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roethlisberger Case Gets More Interesting: Person with Intimate Knowledge of Harrah's Thinks that McNulty May Have Some Leverage *INSIC EXCLUSIVE*

If you're reading this and you have any friends that are Steelers fans or you are a Steelers fan yourself, you no doubt have an idea of how crazy Steeler nation is. If McNulty is not in the witness protection program right now, she should be.

Anyway, INSIC received an interesting thing in our email box last night, allegedly from a casino employee in the Tahoe area (we can't say where because we don't want to get anyone in trouble or killed, including ourselves. Casino owners are ruthless, watch Oceans 11-13 if you don't believe us).

Without further adieu, the contents of the message (we put the stuff in bold in bold):

First of all let me say. I love this Quarter Back. However, I know first hand about the politics at Harrah's Tahoe. Under no circumstances are you to call 911 unless you go through security. You are not allowed to file any kind of police report unless you go through security. These are grounds for immediate termination. In this Casino as well as many others. They constantly hold your job over your head. You have to put up with so much "BS" that you couldn't even imagine. So many people/celebrities come through the casino and do things that are caught on camera its despicable. Keep this in mind. I'm sure she has evidence to prove her allegations. There is no way she would still be employed at that Casino if she didn't. <--- McNulty still employed... Interesting.

Now why the hell anyone would send us a message like this is beyond us. However, thanks to Google analytics, INSIC knows two things: yesterday was the second biggest day in history of the blog (in terms of unique visitors) and along those same lines, the visits from the State of Nevada were number one.

Let me elucidate this a bit more: in two months, Nevada has sent, oh, lets say 12 visitors to this site. In one day, they go almost 15 times that.

Anyway, back to the message. If your a Steelers fan there is good news and there is bad news here.

The bad news is that the AP reported today that this young lady does still have her job, which means this messenger knew that before the AP reported it. So if McNulty does indeed have leverage, Mr. Super Bowl winning quarterback could be in trouble.

The good news Steeler fans, Mike Florio, in his weekly article for, sees this ending one of two ways. Roethlisberger is found not liable for anything or he settles out of court days before the hearings begin (Florio also pointed out that the average civil suit takes 1-2 years to hit the courts, but he doesn't think that will be the case here.)

Back to the bad news, if Roethlisberger settles out of court, Commissioner Goodell, who is punishing NFL players for not using crest toothpaste these days, would almost have to suspend him for something. My guess is that an out of court settlement would lead to at least an eight game suspension for Big Ben.

For any Steelers fans with a gun in their mouth, you probably don't want to read what we write next, more bad news.

This is from today's AP story:

The woman's lawsuit says she didn't file a criminal complaint because she feared Harrah's would side with Roethlisberger and she would be fired.

Unless Andrea McNulty herself is feeding me information (which given the wackiness that has ensued in this case would not surprise me), the above email confirms McNulty's complaint as far as her getting fired and Harrah's covering it up (the email does not confirm any of the sexual allegations).

This thing is going to get worse before it gets better.

The only way Ben gets out of this clean is if he wins the court case. INSIC hates the Steelers more then life itself, but we did go to college with Roethlisberger, so if Ben is innocent, we wish him the best of luck.

**Update: INSIC has received a second email from our casino friend. Contents of email will be available later on.**

(Excerpt from second email, anything in red added by INSIC):

I have heard a few things about the situation. Guy Hyder
[Harrah's head of security] seems like he may have down played the situation to John Koster [Regional President, Harrah's Northern Nevada] and then it rolled down hill from there.

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