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Roethlisberger Sexual Assault Civil Suit: Is McNulty in it for the Money, Lets Take a Peak at Her Finances So You Can Decide For Yourself

If you've been following the Roethlisberger case, you're probably as burnt out as us. That's why this post is up two days late.

On Thursday, we promised we would take a look at Andrea McNulty's finances, but we decided we had better things to do, like get our streak up to 6 on ESPN's streak for the cash. Well, after taking the BC Lions over Calgary in a hotly contested Canadian Football game, our streak is over (By hotly contested, we mean BC lost 48-10).

So lets get back to McNulty. Oh and just so you know, we've brought in out senior financial correspondent to help us our, he is formerly of Bear Stearns, but that doesn't concern us.

First, McNulty lays out her promotional history at Harrah's in the lawsuit. For those of you that don't have a friend at the drudge report or at, we'll provide a link to the lawsuit here.

When Harrah's first hired McNulty in March 2003, she was a saucy 25-year-old looking to make it big in the land of opportunity, otherwise known as Lake Tahoe.

McNulty started her Harrah's career off as a Hotel Shift Manager. Can you really go up from that? We didn't think so, but in July 2004, she got promoted to Reflection's Spa Manager.

Now we're not usually sexist here, but isn't spa manager what all women aspire to be some day, why would she even accept another promotion? Well, we can sit here all day and ask stupid questions about why woman do the things they do or we can tell you that in January 2005, she got promoted again, this time to VIP Shift Manager.

Are we done? Wait, I think we might have something behind door number two, what is it...holy sexual assault lawsuit, it's another promotion, this time, in July 2005, McNulty is named VIP Services Manager, which actually sounds like a step down from VIP Shift Manager.

Finally, the promotional monsoon that McNulty was apart of slows down. She doesn't get another one until February 2008. Now you're probably asking yourself, 'In the casino industry, how does one go up from VIP Services Manager?' Glad you asked, how about a promotion to Executive Casino Host. We won't lie, that actually sounds important.

So now you're probably saying, 'great, I just wasted four minutes reading some filthy blabber about this psycho's job history, where does the money come in?'

Glad you stuck with us. According to our Harrah's source, the rate for her first three positions is $24,000-$42,000. She's a girl and girls never start at the bottom of the pay scale, so lets put her at $29,000 to start. Not much. But she's 25, single and has no children.

Now in her first 28 months, she received three promotions (which is more then Breech has received in his whole life) so its probably safe to say her salary was rising pretty quickly. We'll put her at $40,000/year starting with the July '05 promotion. Not bad. You can't exactly afford good heroin on that salary, but its not bad.

With her next promotion things get interesting, because with her next two titles, our Harrah's source says the salary range is $36,000-$75,000 PLUS commission... and maybe tips.

Lets cut to the chase because everyone is getting tired. Its highly probable that someone getting her fifth promotion in five years is near the top of the food chain when it comes to salary. When we got promoted to high wizard in our Harry Potter card game, we also got two free mail delivery cards courtesy of Hedwig the owl... Wow, that was weird, sorry.

So she's raking in $65,000-$70 a year plus commission, which means her salary is theoretically limitless. Is everyone ready, hold your breath, based on the salary numbers from our Harrah's source, we are going to put McNulty at $75,000-$80,000 a year including commission.

Kobe Bryant's accuser was a 20-year-old who worked at a glorified bed and breakfast. She probably made poverty wages and ate ramen noodles.

Roethlisberger's accuser is a 31-year-old raking in at least $75,000 a year. What does this mean, absolutely nothing. However, when you argue with your friends this weekend, and they say, "I'm going to kill that bitch, she waits a year and then doesn't even press charges, she just wants his dime yo,"

You can counter with, "Well, she does pull in $75,000 a year, with that kind of salary, does she really need his money,"

Then they can say, "Damn yo, you got that Erin Andrews video on your laptop. Lets watch that shit."

Oh and our source ended their email with this statement: I think Harrahs is going to settle with her. The kind of pressure they can put on someone is unbelievable and if she can take that, then there is something to her case.

First, casinos are notorious for strong arming people. McNulty has dealt with Harrah's wrath AND managed to keep her job while doing it (Again, our senior legal correspondent is pretty sure an employer can fire you for filing frivolous civil lawsuits), that certainly says something.

Second, Harrah's isn't named in the suit, but eight of their employees are, it will be interesting to see if they step to the plate and help their employees with anything (legal bills, liability payment if they lose) or if they pay the out of court settlement as our source suggests.

There you are everyone, we've had a fun week rehashing everything Ben Roethlisberger with you, but we're getting out of here. Remember, don't kick any dogs this weekend, unless of course the Reds get swept by the Cubs, then kick two.

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