Thursday, July 23, 2009

Roethlisberger-McNulty Sexual Assault Civil Suit: The Timeline Might Surprise You


July 11, 2008: Alleged events are said to have taken place in the late evening hours of July 11.

Our source says that soon after the incident, McNulty went to Guy Hyder (Head of Casino Security) and he said he would take care of it.

Our source also seems to think that Hyder went to John Koster (Regional President of Harrah's, Northern Nevada) and watered down the truth.

For example (This is a guess based on our sources information), if McNulty told Hyder she was sexually assaulted, Hyder probably went to Koster and said something like, "Oh, there was a little problem with Andrea up in Ben's penthouse, but I took care of it." Koster, being a president, probably trusts his head of security implicitly and therefore didn't give this another thought.

August-December 2008: Andrea McNulty was treated at five different hospitals during this time period. McNulty alleges that she was being treated for anxiety and depression directly related to the incident with Roethlisberger. reported that their sources told them that McNulty was being treated because she was on an emotional swoon thanks to the death of a fictional soldier that she was in love with (It's a long story that we will never rehash again, search our past posts if you really want the details). Several sites have suggested that this tale has been fabricated in order to discredit McNulty.

March 2009: Harrah's informs McNulty that Roethlisberger will be playing in the 2009 American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament. This is the same tournament Roethlisberger was playing in when the alleged events occurred in 2008.

McNulty says Harrah's ordered her to take a paid two week vacation during the tournament to, as her suit puts it, "accommodate her assailant."

March Continued: At this point, McNulty hires her legal council in the form of Calvin Dunlap. Dunlap is no pushover, he's the man representing Nevada's first lady Dawn Gibbons in her divorce from state Governor Jim Gibbons. Not to mention, in 2007 he was named Nevada's Trial Lawyer of the Year (Only in Nevada).

Please reread that sentence and at least pretend to be a little shocked: Not only did McNulty retain a famous and high-powered lawyer she HIRED HIM IN MARCH.

When the suit was uncovered Monday night by Pro Football Talk, it was unclear if McNulty still worked at Harrah's, that is of course, until our own Deep throat sent us a Tuesday night email with this sentence, "I'm sure she has evidence to prove her allegations. There is no way she would still be employed at that Casino if she didn't."

We don't have high IQ's here at INSIC, but the sentence in BOLD pretty much spells out that McNulty still has her job.

So we had her work status Tuesday night, by Wednesday afternoon everyone was reporting that McNulty would be returning to work today (Thursday). Returning from what, why was she off... how about she was returning from her vacation that she said Harrah's made her go on.

First sign of bad news for Steelers fans: McNulty says she was asked to take a two week vacation during the tournament and she just happened to be on a two week vacation during the tournament.

So McNulty had a lawyer for a period of four months before filing the suit. Now before you say, "This is the stupidest chick in the world," keep in mind that for a civil suit to serve its best purpose, the papers need to be served in the state where said events took place. Since the sexual assault occurred in Nevada, McNulty had to wait until Roethlisberger returned to the state.

This means Ben got a rude surprise last weekend in the form of some fun paperwork. Now this also suggests that Roethlisberger didn't know he was going to be served. Because, lets face it, if you knew you were going to be hit with a sexual assault suit in Nevada, would you ever travel there again, HELL NO... What in the name of Terry Bradshaw is the point here you ask?

There are people out there under the impression that maybe McNulty and her lawyer tried to negotiate with Roethlisberger and when negotiations broke down, they dropped the civil suit on him. Well, if negotiations had broken down, then Roethlisberger would have known that he might be hit with some criminal or civil charges and he would have avoided being anywhere near this lady. We think its safe to say that Roethlisberger was blindsided by these charges.

April 2009: McNulty's lawyer makes request for security footage from night in question, he is turned down and has been repeatedly turned down for the past three months.

July 9, 2009: McNulty two week vacation starts.

July 16, 2009: First round of American Century Celebrity Golf Classic.

July 17, 2009: Civil suit is filed in Washoe County court at 3:55 PDT.

July 18-19: Roethlisberger is served on one of these two days. He obviously vets his friends closely because his camp kept the lid on the charges for at least two days.

July 20: Pro Football Talk breaks the story and all hell breaks loose. Roethlisberger's lawyer, David Cornwall issues a statement one hour after story breaks. Obviously Ben knew it was only a matter of time before the story broke, so he hired a lawyer. This takes us back to square one.

Oh and a quick aside, as we mentioned yesterday, we were the first anything (blog, web site, children's television show) to report that McNulty still had her job at Harrah's.

Just to get an idea of how stupid web journalism is, consider this, RADAR online reported yesterday exclusively that they were the first people to report that McNulty still had her job. Sorry RADAR, we beat you by about two and a half hours and the email with the job information even sat unread in our email box for seven hours. So suck our nipples.

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