Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roethlisberger-McNulty Sexual Harassment Civil Case: Source with Ties to Harrah's Gives INSIC the Lowdown in an Exclusive Second Email

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Our anonymous source strikes again. While TMZ was busy wasting thousands of dollars on a piece of crap LeBron James video that looks like it was filmed in 1974, we were exchanging emails with our very own Deep Throat.

In case you haven't had a chance to read Andrea McNulty's lawsuit (and unless your a lawyer or a deranged Steelers fan, you probably haven't). She contends that Harrah's, specifically Guy Hyder (director of security at Harrah's) impeded her from filing charges.

She says she went to him and things just went down hill from there. Well, Deep throat seems to agree, here is some of the email sent earlier today (email content is in red because we have a tendency to be confusing and we don't you to mix up the source's thoughts with our thoughts):

I was really upset when I heard this. I love watching Ben Play and I always thought and still do that he is one of the good guys when it comes to sports, as far as playing the game. How he treats others on the field and so on.

This is pretty cut and dry, our source is a Ben Roethlisberger fan, what red-blooded American doesn't love a 27-year-old two-time Super Bowl winner (Besides, Bengals, Browns and Ravens fans that is).

Next up, the source tells us how they are associated with Harrah's, but that's none of your business because it's our source. So lets cut straight to the next excerpt.

Yeah I have heard a few things about the situation. Guy Hyder [Head of security at Harrah's] seems like he may have downplayed the situation to John Koster [Regional President Harrah's Northern Nevada] and then it rolled downhill from there. So I think they will look to Guy for some major responsibility. No matter what really occurred in that room. A crime was reported to him and he did nothing.

Bingo, our source brings up a very valid point. McNulty claims she told Hyder about the incident, but he did nothing. We're not lawyers here at INSIC, but our senior legal correspondent assures us you can get in trouble for not reporting a crime.

These guys that head security in Casinos are like former Marines, many of them hard core. Previous Special Forces. Things like that. They are very intimidating. However, not everyone reacts to trauma in the same way. I don't know, Andrea may just be the kinda of person that can't handle a situation like the one that came up with Ben. A different woman may have handled that situation with him a lot differently. She definitely was in the room and there was physical contact.

Interpret as you wish, McNulty was in the room. Hyder may or may not have intimidated her into doing and saying what he wanted. We think our source is also saying that different ladies would have handled this in a smarter manner (like not filing the civil suit one year later).

I am sure the suit was filed the way it was not only because of Ben but because of the lack of support from Harrah's, which is par for their course [read first email, par for the course for Harrah's is apparently only reporting murders and cocaine induced suicides]. Again, In John Koster's defense, people are paid to handle things before they even make it to his level.

To an extent, this excerpt explains why criminal charges were not filed. McNulty felt that Harrah's would have attempted to discredit her, which means she would have no way to win the case. The source also seems to be saying that Hyder is the worst head of security ever seeing that he couldn't protect Ben and Koster from being implicated in this.

Guy Hyder should have used better judgment and brought this to John [Koster] and the police right away. That penthouse is out of the public eye and it could have all been handled up there. I think the key thing here is that Andrea went to security right away and they did nothing.

Is that a pulitzer I smell? So McNulty went to Hyder, who did absolutely nothing. McNulty, in her suit even alleges that Hyder said something to the effect of, "it's Ben Roethlisberger, do you know how many woman would like to sleep with him." Funny you asked, I know the answer, it's four and they are all female Steelers fans that got beat with the ugly stick for the duration of their childhood.

The other key thing is when you go to a lawyer with a case like this you need solid proof or they will not take your case. Its a waste of money and a waste of time.

Hey source, if we wanted your opinion, we'll ask, keep your stupid conjecture to yourself. Alright, we don't want our source to stop returning emails, so lets put it like this, our source thinks that McNulty's case is even more convincing because a lawyer took it (we disagree, lawyers are dirtier than Amy Winehouse's bed sheets, they'll take anything that might make them some money).

Last thing, in case you missed it (the source also mentions it, but we don't feel like excerpting things anymore). Hyder is alleged to have gotten one of McNulty's house keys from her parents. While McNulty was in the hospital with her mental 'fatigue,' Hyder was gaining the trust of her parents.

Hyder gained their trust, got McNulty's keys, went into her house and allegedly erased some computer files.

Judging by this email, Hyder looks to be the fall guy and he appears to be the most expendable.

My take, put Hyder in jail for being a dumb ass and make Harrah's give McNulty $100,000 worth of casino chips.

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