Monday, August 9, 2010

Cincinnati Reds Trade for Reds Killer Jim Edmonds

(Above: Jim Edmonds does his first interview as a Cincinnati Red. Photo from the Reds Twitter page)

Since he took over the Reds General Manager position in 2008, Walt Jocketty has been trying to do one thing: fill the Cincinnati roster with former St. Louis Cardinals.

Jocketty continued his never ending quest today by trading for former star Cardinal and current Brewers center fielder Jim Edmonds. Earlier this season, Jocketty signed former Cardinal Jason Isringhausen to a minor league contract. Current Red Miguel Cairo also used to play for St. Louis. Lets hope that Jocketty's master plan is to get Albert Pujols in a Reds uniform by September.

Anyway, back to Edmonds. The 40-year-old played with the Cardinals from 2000-2007, however, St. Louis let him go before the 2008 season and after that, teams started to pass the aging center fielder around like a hot chick in a gang bang. Edmonds has played for the Padres, Cubs and Brewers since 2008.

So what did the acquisition of Edmonds cost the Reds?

Cincinnati had to give up OF Chris Dickerson, which is actually a good thing because guys with the word 'dick' in their last name have short tempers and are usually very easy to make fun of.

The only negative out of the trade is that super-stud pitcher Travis Wood has been optioned to Triple-A. It won't be permanent, but its probably safe to say that Wood is the only minor leaguer right now who has taken a perfect game into the ninth inning of a major league baseball game.

Edmonds and his new Cincinnati teammates will host St. Louis in a 3-game series that starts today. Tonight's first game will be on ESPN. Edmonds will bat fifth and play center field.

If you've followed Cincinnati baseball at all over the past 141 years, then you know that this is the biggest non-playoff series since Eisenhower was president. Which means: please watch!

INSIC would like the game to get high ratings so that ESPN televises every Reds game from now until they win the World Series in October.

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