Friday, August 6, 2010

Someone on Twitter Loves Ochocinco

As most psychotic, prowling, drug-addicted ex-girlfriends already know, the best thing about Twitter is that you can anonymously stalk people and there's a 99.0003 percent chance they'll never find out.

On the other hand if you're tired of stalking or just lazy, you can tweet your phone number to your favorite celebrity and cross your fingers that they'll call you.

That was the tactic employed by our new friend Cynthia Roberson or as she likes to call herself on Twitter: @Sexymom97.

Over the past three weeks, @sexymom97 has been blitzing (pun intended) Chad with tweets asking him to call her. She even left her number for him in a tweet. This now means that the Ocho and six million other Twitter users can call her any time they want, day or night.

Twitter is obviously filled with thousands of people who exhibit extremely poor judgement (if you need any proof, just look at Spencer Pratt's profile, 863,679 are knowingly following him. In the world we want to live in someday, he would have three followers and he'd only be famous because he died in a panda bear attack at age seven).

So lets review.

Old uncool way to stalk: Facebook

New trendy way to stalk: Twitter

Please note accordingly.

Chad doesn't know it, but the segway above might be his only means of escape some day.

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