Monday, August 2, 2010

INSIC and Sports Illustrated's Peter King Agree: Andre Smith Sucks, Oh and Jermaine Gresham Signs

Fifteen months ago, John Breech wrote some mean things about Andre Smith. The day after the Bengals drafted Smith sixth overall, here was Breech's take on the pick:

If the Bengals had the first pick in an imaginary draft that consisted of Andre Smith, Jesus and a meth addict, I would have wanted them to take the meth addict first (Jesus is undersized for the NFL and Andre Smith is less reliable than most meth users).

Today, in his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback piece, Peter King over at Sports Illustrated reiterated Breech's point when he used the words 'never, ever and ever' all in the same sentence, as in:

Andre Smith should never, ever, ever, have been the sixth pick in the draft in 2009.

We couldn't agree more.

Last night, the monthly INSIC employee party was held at Hooter's and lets just say this: Andre Smith has bigger boobs than every Hooter's waitress in Cincinnati.

We actually had to email the FCC to make sure the picture below wasn't considered pornographic.

FCC: Are those man boobs or woman boobs?

INSIC: Man boobs.

FCC: Are you sure, they look like woman boobs?

INSIC: Pretty sure.

In the end, they let us run the possibly pornographic picture (Observe jiggly man boobs at your own risk).

Finally, we have two non-Andre Smith related notes.

First up,'s Elizabeth Merrill put together a really great story on Mike Zimmer and how he's coped since the tragic death of his wife Vikki 10 months ago. Read it now and please don't come back to our site until you've read the whole thing.

Item number two: the Ochocinco News Network (or OCNN, if you will) is on pace to win their first Pulitzer thanks to this story Chad broke on Twitter at 5:05 p.m. today. Bengals first round pick Jermaine Gresham has finally signed. Enquirer Bengals beat writer Joe Reedy is reporting that the deal is 5-years and worth $15.8 million with a maximum value of $18.5 million if he reaches all incentives. If Gresham ends up turning into an Andre Smith or JaMarcus Russell sized bust, he'll still go home with his $9.6 million guarantee.

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